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All too often books teaching programming are pretty boring after a few chapters. Most examples are small, not fully functioning and at best half useful. So, when I started learning to program Microsoft Windows using C, I started putting several examples together and make several small applications that I could actually use in my day-to-day computer work.

Some software is now obsolete.  Windows has evolved a lot since the early days of version 2.03. Other I still use regularly and I hope they are useful to you too.


I always found Notepad too simple for proper use. And most books contain text editors with even less functionality. So I've builtd my own editor.


MS-DOS provide some basic functionality for printing the contents of the screen. If you had the proper printer correctly installed, you had something more or less presentable. MS Windows made things easier - as long as you were happy to get the image yourself from the clipboard. So I chose to make my own screen-capturing tool.


Some of the TISWorks applications use some common functionality. To avoid filling up your harddisk, the functions have been grouped in a handy library.