Latest Version: 7.22

Available as a Windows Installer package, zipped


Additional downloads

TISWorks library download page : ../tisworks/download.aspx"

Older versions and product changes

Version   Downloads Changes
7.2x Q2 2012 Solved a number of issues
7.05 Q2 2011 New version running on Visual Studio 2008 - VS2005 had a buggy Edit class.
Requires new version of TISWorks Library (8).
Supports multiple file types (8 and 16-bit)
6.20 Q2 2007 Replaced the Windows Help system by the HTML Help system, ready for Windows Vista.
6.00 Q2 2006   First "Post-Final" version. Includes use of more advance Windows File Dialog for Windows 2000, XP and Millennium Edition
5.99 Q3 2000   Final MFC version.
5.9X Q2 1999   Full MFC version.
5.8X Q2 1997   Windows 95/NT 32-bit only version, compliant with new Microsoft regulations on style, menus, etc.
On Windows NT the version allows files up to 1mbyte.
On Windows 95 the files are restricted to about 48 Kbyte.Previous DLLs for 3D looks and common controls are replaced by those of the standard package.

If you have questions, remarks, bugs, don't hesitate to contact the TISEdit Support Team