MS-DOS provide some basic functionality for printing the contents of the screen. If you had the proper printer correctly installed, you had something more or less presentable. MS Windows made things easier - as long as you were happy to get the image yourself from the clipboard. So I chose to make my own screen-capturing tool.

TISKnip provides screen capturing functionality.

It also extends the clipboard as it can store a series of bitmaps created by capturing the screen or by copying bitmap content from other applications to the clipboard.

Latest Version: 9.30

Downloads for TISKnip and TISWorks Library :
The package is without the GDIPlus library (for Windows XP, Vista or Server 2003).


Below follows a short overview of the known bugs and limitations known at the time of writing this help document.

This list merely gives an overview of these problems.

It does not give right to any damage claims.