All too often books teaching programming are pretty boring after a few chapters.  Most examples are  small, not fully functioning and at best half useful.  So, when I started learning to program Microsoft Windows using C, I started putting several examples together and make several small applications that I could actually use in my day-to-day computer work.
Some software is now obsolete. Windows has evolved a lot since the early days of version 2.03. Other I still use regularly and I hope they are useful to you too.

TISKnip provides screen capturing functionality.

It also extends the clipboard as it can store a series of bitmaps created by capturing the screen or by copying bitmap content from other applications to the clipboard.

The TISWorks Library provides a number of functions common to most TISWorks applications. If the library is not available on your system or too old a version, the TISWorks applications will not start. Either Windows itself will give a warning - in case the library is missing - or the application itself - when the version is too old.

TISEdit provides basic text editing and printing functionality.

Compared to Microsoft's Notepad it provides some additional functions.