TISWorks Railway Library

It all started with a Marklin set with a 3029 locomotive, two flat cars and 8 rail sections.

After a while you need MS Excel or smarter to keep track of all the stuff you have collected.

So what do you end up with ... an online database with all of your goodies.

Functionality currently available, in development or planned:

  • MVP 0: base functionality needed for ongoing development. Not released to customers.
  • MVP 1: initial public release with core functionality available and tested. Basic reporting and CSV exports.
  • MVP 2: Increased interactive design and advanced reporting release with Service Pack 1 (critical fixes on MVP1)
  • MVP 3: finalizing reporting and some bits and pieces, alignment with other TISWorks Web Applications

Currently the development is in its first cycle (MVP1).

We are still working towards reaching MVP1 stage.

MVP0, MVP1 : Not for production use

Here the old ASP.NET application was rebuild to a PHP / MySQL net application.

This page contains a list of all known limitations and issues, the impacted versions and eventually the release that fixed the issues or provided an alternative method for achieving the same goals.

Detailed Bug Fixes

Ref. Version Description Status
0000x MVP 0α   fixed MVP 1α

SP : Service Pack. SP0 is part of MVP 1 version. SP1 is part of MVP 2 version.