Web Applications

Classical compiled applications are so last century. Information must be available at a second's notice.

The Web Applications come to the rescue. And TISWorks delivers here too.

Or current offering:

  • Video Library: a library with DVD, Bluray, ... owned by you or your friends. With easy search forms for your favorite movie title, actor or director.
  • Rail Library: a library for managing your miniature railway collection.
  • ...

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Functionality currently available, in development or planned:

  • MVP 0: base functionality needed for ongoing development. Not released to customers.
  • MVP 1: initial public release with core functionality available and tested.
  • MVP 2: initial reporting release with Service Pack 1 (critical fixes on MVP1)
  • MVP x: alignment with other TISWorks Web Applications

Not much yet.

We are still working towards reaching MVP0 and MVP1 stage.


We are still in development stages and currently porting the original ASP.Net application to a MySQL and PHP solution.

So a little patience please.