Web Applications

Classical compiled applications are so last century. Information must be available at a second's notice.

The Web Applications come to the rescue. And TISWorks delivers here too.

Or current offering:

  • Coin Library: a library for managing your numismatic collection. All your Euro, Dollar, Sterling coins are welcome.
  • Video Library: a library with DVD, Bluray, ... owned by you or your friends. With easy search forms for your favorite movie title, actor or director.
  • Rail Library: a library for managing your miniature railway collection.
  • ...

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TWCoin Logo

It all started with the first special 2 Euro coins minted to honour i well-known European.

And the US Mint already had his special State Quarters.

So what do you need ... a database of course. A simple spreadsheet is so '90-ies and not future-proof.

57 channels and nothing on.

What to do when the television channels have nothing interesing to air and you don't like playing solitaire? You watch some video, DVD or Bluray. Right?

But then comes the next big question ... which one to choose from your collection.

TISWorks Video Library does part of the job.

You can keep a handy inventory of all the video, DVD and Bluray discs that you own, or your friends own. With some handy search functions for movie genre, actor or director, you can easily narrow down you options.