This page contains a list of all known limitations and issues, the impacted versions and eventually the release that fixed the issues or provided an alternative method for achieving the same goals.

Detailed Bug Fixes

Ref. Version Description Status
00201 MVP 2α With deep linking, navigate to the requested page after a successful login. The initial implementation did not work reliably. The original URI is stored in session and retrieved after successfully logging in. The URL competition logic can now also deal with URL that already contain the website root. fixed MVP 2η
00202 MVP 2β  Reports with no selection in the filter (---) returned all records i.s.o. no records. fixed MVP 2θ 
00203 MVP 2λ PHP did not force characterset, resulting in some text not showing in application while showing in PHPMyAdmin. Fixed by forcing UTF-8 at startup. fixed MVP 2μ

SP : Service Pack. SP0 is part of MVP 1 version. SP1 is part of MVP 2 version.