Below you can find a detailed history of changes made to TISKnip and solved bugs.


Version Changes
9.3x align with other TISWorks tools for library
Automated purge of images after a preset time.
9.1 Rollup of minder corrections into a new release.
9.0 The invisible window of version 8.5 often caused problems on Windows Vista and on multi-screen setups.  Alternative approach is introduced which overlays all applications with a complete copy of the desktop when the capture process starts. The user simply selects the part he wants from this overlay.
The user can copy the complete desktop using a menu option in stead of using the keyboard only.
The application is upgraded to Visual Studio 2005, thus requiring the use of the Visual C++ and MFC library 7.1
The Tray Bar is used for showing error messages when TISKnip is minimized.
TIFF format is supported.
8.5 TISKnip uses a hidden window to capture the mouse movements during a screen capture.
As of version 8.5, it uses a transparent window on supporting systems. This should avoid the problem that sometimes not all controls or windows appear on the screen capture even though they are visible on screen.
Supported on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Server 2003.
Added improved handling of the popup menu when TISKnip is minimized to the Tray Bar.
Added Restore option.
8.3 TISKnip now supports drag and drop. I.e. you can drag any image file from the explorer or the desktop onto TISKnip and the file will be displayed.
When TISKnip is minimized, some error messages are now suppressed. Instead the Windows Error sound is played.
File Save All and Window Close All options have been added to the menu system to simplify working with large number of documents.
The Printer Page Setup dialog has been replaced by a newer dialog based on the standard MS Windows Page Setup dialog as used in Notepad and Microsoft Paint.
On MS Windows XP systems, TISKnip will visually better align with the installed desktop theme.
When TISKnip is started minimized it will check the Use Tray option immediately. When active, TISKnip will immediately hide itself in the Tray Bar. (Old behavior: remained visible in task bar until after first use)
At first use, the Auto Print option is by default Off. (Old behavior: on)
8.2 The Windows menu now carries a new option to adapt the size of the window to the dimension of the image. As the scale factor is defined for each window individually, you can see the same picture at different sizes at the same time. (Use the Window | New command to create several windows with the same picture opened)
The icon in the Tray Bar shows the number of open bitmaps.
8.1 The help function has been converted from Windows Help to HTML Help (also known as Compiled Help).
The original help files (scrncopy.hlp, .cnt) are replaced by a single file scrncopy.chm.
Numerous corrections and improved ease of use of the GdiPlus library.
8.0 In this version, the internal image handling code has been replaced by the GdiPlus library developed by Microsoft. This library is a standard part of MS Windows XP and is also available for MS Windows 98 SE, Millennium, 2000 Server and workstation.
Next to the original Windows Bitmap format (BMP), other bitmap formats are now also supported, e.g. JPEG, PNG and GIF.

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See also TISKnip Known Bugs and limitations for more information on unresolved issues.

 Technical details are described in TISKnip Detailed Change History.