Release history

8.50 M09 20112007 New approach to copy (part of) the desktop.
9.03 M10 17062008 Adapt opening and closing the clipboard for creating a new bitmap.
9.05 M11 25062008 Adaptation to the use of the taskbar icon.
9.06 M12 08082008 Modification of the clipboard management function.
9.07 M13 21112008 Correction of printing dimensions when auto resizing - Bug 8001
9.09 M14 19022009 Desktop capture now available on quick menu from tray bar.
9.10 M15 20072009 Patch rollup. Correction of printing dimensions when auto resizing - Bug 9001
9.30 M16 15052011 New TISWorks library. New MFC version. Purge of older images after pre-set time.

Detailed Bug Fixes

Ref. Version Description Status
8001  - 9.05 When the picture is too large for the printed paper and automated rescaling is active, the dimension of the printed area is still too large and overlaps with the footer.
Reason: top margin is included twice.
9001  - 9.09  Related to bug 8001, the right and botton dimension of the image were wrong when autoresizing.
The location of the footer was 1 line-height too low.