Latest Version: 9.30

Downloads for TISKnip and TISWorks Library :
The package is without the GDIPlus library (for Windows XP, Vista or Server 2003).


What's in the download?

  • scrncopy.exe : the actual executable of TISKnip
  • scrncopy.chm : the help file assisting you in using all functions of TISKnip
  • tiswrkv8.dll : the version of the TISWorks Library at the time of assembling this package
  • tiswrkv8.chm : the help file documenting the functionality in the TISWorks Library

Note the latest version of the TISWorks Library can be downloaded from the TISWorks Library Download page. You can simply replace the files in this download by newer version as libraries are compatible.

Older versions and product changes

Below you have access to older versions of TISKnip. These downloads do not contain the TISWorks library.

Version   Downloads Changes (see also history page).
9.10 Q2 2009   Wrap-up. Last version using TISWorks7 and MFC 7.1
9.09 Q1 2009   Support for TIFF format. Capture complete desktop with one click.
9.07 Q4 2008   Incremental updates
9.00 Q2 2008   New MFC and TISWorks library used.
New formats supported.
New screen capturing method.
8.30 Q1 2007   Usability improvements.
Last version using MFC version 4.x, TISWorks Library 6.x and supporting Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition and Millenium
8.20 Q4 2006   Some optical improvements and minor fixes.
8.10 Q4 2006   Replaced the old Windows Help system by the HTML Help library.
Further refinement to the use of the GDIPlus Library.
8.00     End of support of Windows 95, NT 3.x
7.40 Q2 2002   Added use of GDIPlus library.
7.20 Q4 1999   Added Palette viewer and editor. Added option for creating backup file when saving.
7.10 Q2 1999   Rebuild with Microsoft MFC classes and TISWorks library Version 6. Added Preview functionality. Removed the separate graphics library.
7.00 Q2 1997   Source only supports 32-bit and Explorer style functionality. Use of taskbar, new shortcuts. No temporary files on disk.
6.30 Q1 1997   Additional memory management implemented for both 16 and 32 bit versions. Additional use of the new Windows Explorer shell.
6.20 Q3 1996   Intermediate version for Windows 95 and NT 3.51 or 4.0. Implemented scaling functions from the menu.
6.10 Q1 1996   Added functionality for reading bitmap files from disk and putting them on the clipboard. Added functionality provided by the MS Windows Common Controls.
6.00 Q1 1996   Improved version including Multiple Document Interface and slimmed-down libraries.
5.00 Q3 1995   Use of Microsoft sample library for improved bitmap and printer handling/
4.00 Q1 1995   Extension to use printer as output.
3.00 Q3 1994   Further refinements, including saving to disk of screen pictures.
2.00 Q3 1993   Updated to use the common TISWorks DLL.
1.00 Q1 1993   Basic screen capturing functionality as with some examples from C. Petzold's books.

Everything can be improved ...

If you have questions, remarks, bugs, don't hesitate to contact the TISKnip Support Team