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Palm PDA and compatibles


PalmOS: at least version 3.3 of PalmOS must be installed on your PDA.

Java MIDP for Palm at least version 1.03 of this product must be installed on your PDA. If this environment is not installed you can find more information and a download link on Sun's Java website.  Install the latest version of the MIDP for Palm OS 1.0 software prior to continuing with TISGraw.  The download also contains some sample applications for Palm showing a number of features of the J2ME and MIDP platform.

Latest version: TISGraw Mobile Edition for PalmOS 2.0


How to install

  1. Copy the downloaded zip file to a location on your hard drive or wherever you choose to store your downloaded files.
  2. Extract tisgrawme.prc from the downloaded zip file.
  3. Store this file in the location where you choose to store your Palm applications, typically C:\Program Files\Palm\Add-on.
  4. Using the Ms Windows Explorer
    Double click on the .prc file.
    When prompted choose the correct Palm profile (each profile corresponds with a different Palm device).
    Close the Palm Install Tool.
    Using the Palm Install Tool:
    Choose Add in the main install window.
    Locate and select the tisgrawme.prc file.
    Close the Install Tool.
  5. Synchronize your Palm device with your desktop computer.  This will finally install the application on your Palm device.
  6. TISGraw Mobile Edition will be installed in the Untitled category.