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Nokia mobile phones


  1. Your phone must be equipped with a Java interpreter.
    Some examples: 6310i, 7650, ... to find a complete list surf to Nokia's web site.
  2. Install the Nokia PC Suite including the Nokia Application Installer

Latest version: TISGraw Mobile Edition 2.0


How to install

  1. Copy the downloaded zip file to a location on your hard drive or wherever you choose to store your downloaded files.
  2. Extract tisgrawme.jad and tisgrawme.jar from the downloaded zip file.
  3. Store these files in the location where you choose to store your Java applications for your phone.
  4. Start the Nokia Application Installer
  5. Choose a communication method (Bluetooth, infrared or serial cable) and select tisgrawme.jar.
  6. The installer will now send the application to your phone.
  7. TISGraw Mobile Edition will be installed in the applications folder.