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Ericsson mobile phones


  1. Your phone must be equipped with a Java interpreter.
    Some examples: T610, P800, ... to find a complete list surf to Ericsson's web site.
  2. The phone must accept Java applications of at least 30 Kbytes.

Latest version: TISGraw Mobile Edition for Ericsson 1.5

Download for installation via a desktop.

Over the Air if your phone and mobile operator allow downloading and installing applications "over the air".

How to install using the zip File

  1. Copy the downloaded zip file to a location on your hard drive or wherever you choose to store your downloaded files.
  2. Extract tisgrawme.jad and tisgrawme.jar from the downloaded zip file.
  3. Store these files in the location where you choose to store your Java applications for your phone.
  4. If your PC is equipped with an infrared port, beam the files to your phone using infrared.  Alternatively you can use a Bluetooth or cable connection to transfer both files to your phone.
  5. The location of TISGraw Mobile Edition on your phone depends on the model and make of your phone.

How to install "Over the Air"

  1. Select the "Over the Air" hyperlink
  2. Follow the instructions as per your handset model.